Happy Weigh-in Friday

Happy weigh-in Friday!  I totally realize that I’m on a good road right now and that there will come a time, probably in the very near future, when you will come here and it will say Suck it Friday!  We’ll cross that bridge when we get there, but for now, I am down 0.6 lbs and weighed in at 182 this morning.  I am going to take this small victory and put it in my pocket, as I consumed roughly 2x my daily calorie allottment on Wednesday.  Next week, no happy hour!  

However, I am taking away from this little exercise, that even if I do slip up, it is still possible to lose.  I had gotten into the mindset that if I slipped that I was doomed at the scale.  As we see today, that is simply not true.  But what is true, is I can’t slip everyday and still expect to see a downward trend, the math just doesn’t work out there.

In using myfitnesspal, I have noticed that if I am not able to exercise on a given day, I really have to watch what I eat to stay within my target number of calories.  For example, I’m working on about 1500 calories a day, which is divvied up at roughly 500 calories per meal, breakfast, lunch and dinner.  That’s my whole budget for the day.  So when mid-afternoon rolls around and I reach into my lunch pail for an apple, I have to really ask myself if I’m really that hungry to bust my budget…even though it is a healthy snack!  I think that was the trap I got into when I wasn’t tracking.  I was always eating healthy, but I was overdoing healthy snacks, which I can see in black and white on myfitnesspal.

As for exercise, I’ve got 11 miles of pavement to pound tomorrow morning.  I have not had a fantastic run in a while, so I’m really hoping this one will be good.  Nothing major, just little things here and there, mainly not being able to find my rhythm.  I think as the race draws near, I’ve gotten a little mental.  Perhaps a little self-doubt has crept in and I’m doubting if I can do it or not, which is totally absurd because I KNOW I can do it!  Just weird how the mind works and can totally throw you off track!

I know it’s totally sick, but I’m really looking forward to that icebath, because it means the run is done!

Well kiddies, the power has been off at my office for an hour and half, so I’m calling it a day!  Thank God for the ipad to keep my company!  

Have a great weekend yall!

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